Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Starting point

Now it's done. Blog where we post our experiences, tips and thoughts about cosplay spiced with many typos and almost-impossible-to-translate-sentences.

CasualtyCosplay is formed from two cosplayers from Finland. We started cosplaying in 2006 and so far have done costumes from Naruto, Bleach and D.Gray-man. Yoki did also single cosplay from Moomin as Snufkin. But in general, we do pair or couple cosplays with characters which are related to each other one way or the other. We have also done casual and street versions of Sasori and Deidara and original character cosplay.

We do our costumes ourselves from patterns to some of the props that don't need the hands of an expert. These props usually ends up being swords that we want to be made from metal. We always try to do precise job with the costumes. Details and choice of materials comes from the manga or anime, but the over-all image we try to keep realistic and natural. We could say, that the main point is to make the characters look the way they would look in real life.

The history of our costumes as seen on our account in YouTube:

Summer 2006:
Hitsugaya Toushiro (yoki) and Matsumoto Rangiku (hiron) from Bleach
Summer 2007:
Sasori (yoki) and Deidara (hiron) from Naruto
Kurotsuchi Mayuri (yoki) and Akon (hiron) from Bleach
Unofficial version of SasoDei were done at the end of summer holiday
Spring 2008:
Original characters Namami Akai (yoki) and Naoru Kenko (hiron)
Street style Sasori (yoki) and Deidara (hiron)
Summer 2008:
Jasdero (yoki) and Debitto (hiron) from D.Gray-Man
Spring 2009:
Snufkin (yoki) from Moomin

This years projects have been... few. We had some other things to attend and few "casualties" regarding health, so cosplaying have been on hiatus for us. Well... yoki was able to pull together a costume and all by herself! I just helped with some patterns and gave tips here and there. Yay, for yoki! But now we are going to start our next cosplay project... maybe next month or so and I have to say... I'm quite exited. And as all cosplayers know, when you start one you have three more on your mind.

yoki as Snufkin from Moomin. Pic was taken by Minttu Lehti

The next project will be done till next year, so I was thinking if we could make little easier cosplay while we are at it. Before that we need to have photoshoots from yoki's Snufkin and Jasdero and Debitto. But hey, we could still do one cosplay... right? Right?

Sounds like an evil plan! (yoki as Mayuri, pic taken by hiron)

Any ideas for a not too time-eating and moderately quick costumes?


  1. if you want to eat when you use a cosplay with important cloth or makeup foor example the fhoto that is there you can eat food in little parts it c an be a little part of chocolate or another food, one of my theories is to use a dressing gown or a cloth that you dont use you put inside the cloth of the cosplay and you eat keping taht the makeup dont make a disaster.
    GoOd LuCk

  2. i love your sasori and deidara cosplays!