Friday, November 6, 2009

Tick mark for Snufkin

It took over half a year for us to make a vid from Yoki's Snufkin cosplay, but I must admit that I'm happy that we waited this long. The weather was perfect as Yoki described in the earlier post. Few more clouds would have reduced flares, but that is just a minor error seen only in couple of shots. Snufkin vid can be found from our Youtube channel.

Goddamit, it's really troublesome to be behind the camera! This was our most scripted shoot of all times and I was really driving for a good outcome. I didn't expect that it would take some serious work. I was exhausted after the day. Exhausted indeed, but happy. I'm not a professional, when it comes to cameras and all, but I think we managed well.

So what happened during the photoshoot? I took over all the practical stuff along side with the camera work. Looked place for the campfire, prepared it, carried stones and logs, tried to find stick for the fishing rod, chose the places, gave orders around and took care of Yoki's outerwear... to name some. We both got frostbites on our toes. It was close call that I didn't accidentally swim in the forest river AND in the lake. Then there were some minor casualties, but in general everything went fine.

When we were done with he shoot on the forest river and were walking back to our car, an another car passed us and one of the passengers, older lady stared at us with a big smile on her face as if she had recogniced Snufkin. Other than that, because we were surrounded with fields, few farms and forest we didn't have audience. We were toying with idea to stop by on the way home at the town centre, Yoki playing the Snufkin melody with her harmonica. But we were to tired, cold and hungry.

The other thing that was my responsibility was to edit the material. It took swearing, hours and crashes to complete. Now I'm considering an all out cleaning process for my nasty and evil friend. I bet Yoki was suprised when the vid was out on the next day of the shoot, knowing what the conditions are related to my computer.

This time I used royalty free music. Great pieces can be found here.

Here are some pictures from the day. Yoki will add some on her account.

Kuura (Frost if you translate it to English) chasing Snufkin


  1. Hi!
    I came across this blog and i'm sooo enchanted. Your Snufkin cosplay is wonderful! Just perfect! I saved some photos and gonna watch it every day :)
    Thank You and good luck!

  2. I agree with Sthrug - I came across this post and it just made my whole day. there is no Snufkin related literature in my country, so I need to resolve to the net, but this was unexpected :)) I loved the movie that you made. You seem to capture the beauty of its loneliness and the lonelines of its beauty so well... I can kind of totally relate to that. I was (like) Snufkin when I was about twelve and explored the forests around my valley, I just didn't know there was someone out there who was like me :))

  3. I will thank you both for your hear-warming comments in Yoki's (aka. busy bee's) behalf. Snufkin has always been one of her favorite characters and well enough, it was also her first solo cosplay.

    And Pix, special thanks for the blog entry!

  4. ♥LOve u Snufkin From Mexico. :D

  5. I ordered the hat from my friend who is a textile artist as a present for Yoki. I think she first felted a sheet from green wool and then finished the shape on a cone jack.

    When we got the hat, it was sliced from the rim and the peak was stuffed inside to create blunt shape.

  6. This's so great////////////
    I like Snufkin very much and your Snufkin cosplay is so wonderful:)
    I am a cosplayer in Hong Kong and I want to cos Snufkin too><