Monday, February 1, 2010

Something feminine

Our cosplay history is dominated by male characters, but now we are trying to chance it... even though it's starting to seem like mission impossible. There are plenty of interesting female characters, but finding a duo with strong and confident charasteristics hasn't paid off. I was quite suprised when Yoki pointed out, that I could choose a male character if it was too overpowering to find suitable ladies for both of us. Our tomboy want's to be a lady! As a result my task got a bit easier.

But not too easy. We are not only looking for a strong will an
d action oriented females. Because we like showy costumes girls in regular school uniforms needs to be counted out, even if we take liking in their personality. As a duo we try to be respectful for the height difference between characters as well as their difference in bodytypes. It just takes a lot of workload off if we can avoid building characters structure over ourselves.

In short, we are looking something mean and lean female or male partnered with something mean and curvy. Burst Angel's Jo and Meg would ba a match made in heaven... if they had more clothes on. I'm not a fan of "skimpy" outfits and Jo and Meg have great amount of panty and booby stuff going on.

I have gone trought manga, anime and games hoping to find suitable characters for us. We have always wanted to do a cosplay from Soul Calibur series, but the ladies in the games also suffer from common cloth-loss, which is really annoying. And the ones with more clothes aren't just as alluring for us, like Cassandra and Sophitia. They actually fill many of our requirements, starting from "connected" characters, but something in them just isn't catchy at all. Maybe they are just not mean enough.
If we forget about female duos, I think I might have something promising in mind. Recently I have been reading Pandora Hearts and totally fell in love with the character design and complex storytelling. The outfits just screams to be made. Alice would be a suitable character for Yoki, not too girly and fluffy even if she has a softer side. The male representation is wide and almost everyone of them have some kind of a connection to the heroine. I must admit that I like Xerxes Break, but then again Jack Vessalius would be more natural choice.We can't get too caught up with our future projects yet. We still need to finish our current one and it actually seems that we will be done in the end of this month! But it's always fun to do some character research and I think we will be doing some more before we are both satisfied with it.

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