Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Tracon V cosplay in pictures

Now I understand why some cosplayers choose between wearing a costume and taking photographs. I was lucky to have Karan as a helpful aider. She always was ready to grab my camera, when somebody came to as for a photo. Naturally Yoki was handicapped because she needed to pose too. So big thanks to you, Karan!

We didn't hang out at Sorsapuisto more than few times for photographing purposes, but I did take some photos from cosplayers whose costumes intrigued me. One category of costumes, which I spotted from the colourful crowd was the "tents". As a dress maker I am drawn to them and in the case of Belle, I was sold because of the costume and the character. And the cosplayer was pretty as a picture!

Then there where my own favorites, like Grell from Kuroshitsuji and Raistlin Majere from Dragonlance. Yes, I'm an olf fantasy literature freak.

Balanced groups caught my eye as well as "dynamic duos". When you cosplay as a duo you start to pay more attention to the balance between the creations. The first pair, which I didn't even recognice (help needed!) I wanted to photograph just because of the previous. They were really nice too! And what would a convention be without western comic cosplays?

Kuroshitsuji is a pretty nice source for cosplay. The costumes are rather detailed and impressive. The One Piece group was inspiringly different and even if I don't really follow Reborn! I found the group coherent. The Sailor Moon cosplayers were so sweet and also MyuPro's members, who cosplayed and danced their way to my heart.

I took generally two or more photos from every cosplay posted here. If you are in the picture and would like to have the original and possibly the other one too, leave a comment! You can also contact me, if you want your photo deleted.

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