Friday, October 8, 2010

Acrylics on pleather

I made a quick trial with fake leather or more commonly pleather while waiting my suitcase to “dry” the other day. And what do you know, the test run proved to be more than I expected. Go acrylics!

I painted thin layers on black, stretchy pleather. I made one test with paint where I had added Medium to just to figure out how I could use it in the future. The whole Medium thing is new for me, but I know it should add some flexibility to the paint. On the down side it will also make the color diluted. After I had let the paints to dry I really put them to test. I stretched the small piece of pleather as much as I could and for my surprise nothing happened. The paint endured the punishment really well. The were no cracks at all. And what’s the greatest thing, the texture of the pleather will remain visible! I will use acrylics on pleather on the accessories for Luminara and Barriss, so there won’t be strain on the pieces. I would love to try out how the paints would hold on shoes or larger areas.

Smaller details on the buckle and the larger area on the scrap piece are with Medium. Color used was copper.

Two points to be taken in consideration when painting pleather with acrylics; color of the pleather and the acrylics you are using. Even if you paint without Medium, the base color will sheer trough. I only did one layer, but I’m sure that with two the result will be more covered up. I don’t know how it will affect the elasticity, but as soon as I try it out I will write about it. Then, based on my experience, there are a drastic differences between acrylic paints. I used System 3 acrylics which are quality paints. They might feel little expensive, but now after working with them for a while, I would not change them to anything. I have also used Winsor & Newton, but System 3 is my new favorite. The point was that invest in good paints, they will save you from cracks, plumps and frustration.

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