Thursday, March 3, 2011

There is no spring without Snufkin

Snufkin starts his journey usually before the first snow fall. One year was different. Moomintroll wished that his best friend would wait until the Moomin family had fallen asleep for the winter months. Snufkin respected the wish. His road had vanished under thick snow drifts, but he didn't feel sorry. He didn't look back. Traveler only sees the adventures lying ahead.

"Sleep well and do not worry. At the first day of Spring, I am here with you again."

We had a small photoshoot last weekend and the weather was warm (-7°C)! I could actually stand there without my nose falling off or my fingers turning into icicles. Couldn't say the same while we were wearing the troopers.

There will be a new photoshoot later this spring, maybe even a new video. I do not promise anything though, since Hiron suffers from serious cosplay frenzy (points at the convention list) and I have my studies.

-yoki out

Mayday! Snow in the shoe!


  1. Oh, I seriously cannot get enough of your Snufkin! My heart literally jumped when I opened my dashboard and there was more of your wonderful pics!!

  2. Thank you so much for featuring my cosplay in your blog, as well as commenting. Snufkin is my first individual cosplay so your support is like gold to me. No, not like gold but like the King's Ruby.

  3. seriously for a moment when I saw the pictures the first time, I thought in the LOTR.