Monday, October 31, 2011

Baby Jane made her first appearance

Even if my Halloween didn’t go quite as I planned, I got my Baby Jane costume ready for a test shoot. Yesterday I scraped together the accessories for the costume; a corsage that I happened to find from my drawer and a black stay-up.

I couldn’t force myself to buy a proper pair of stay-ups just to ruin them. Instead I took a ridiculously cheap pair of stockings I had lying around. I cut the legs and made the wide top panel from the upper part of the pantyhose. Then I just sew the pieces together with a serger. I haven’t weathered the dress aside from cutting and tearing the hem, so there is still some smearing, ripping and burning ahead.

For the make-up I used different eye-shadows, some grey crème make-up, red lipstick, fake blood and 3D-gel. This was my second time working with the gel and I think I made some progress with it. The only down side this time was that the gel didn’t stick. It started to peel away especially around the mouth. While teasing my hair I came to a conclusion that I might buy a wig for this particular cosplay even if I didn’t originally plan to. I’m trying to decide whether to go with the concept art style or the dark bob. The bob is actually starting to intrigue me more and more.

By the way, is it just me or does anyone else get a questionable 80’s vibe from the dress?


  1. Right, how the heck do you manage to look cute with scars and blood all over your face ... must be a woman thing :-p

    I have to confess that watching this I find my self thinking that maybe that big daddy costume isn't that impossible to do ... yeah I have to go and bang my head against the wall now, the last thing I need is another project ><

  2. Trust me, these were the most representative ones from the bunch.

    And please don't take another project! I think you have enough in your hands with your current ones and I'm really looking forward to them!

    ... About Big Sister I was like "Hmm, it's actually doable...". So, share a wall?