Sunday, January 1, 2012

Moustaches et le patch

Last weekend we had a good laugh while trying on the wigs for our next characters. I had trouble keeping my composure after I had put the brown curly wig I had purchased for Cogsworth on Yoki’s head. She looked so bizarre with long hair! When we started our cosplay journey she actually had hair as long as the wig, so it shouldn’t have been that funny. I’m just so used to her short cut and the girly curls just seemed little out of place. The fun truly began when we applied the rolls Cogsworth has on the sides. We thought that we would die from laughter. And after I had finished the front tuft on my honey blond locks, we questioned if we could ever wear the costumes in public.

But something happened after I applied some make-up on us both and Yoki taped the mustaches on. Excuse me, Yoki’s face, what kind of miracle-maker are you? How anyone can look even remotely sane with those obscene hair rolls and mustaches? I’m seriously leaning to the idea that Yoki could look nice even as Gollum. To spice up Lumiere’s get-up I added a patch to accent his flamboyant nature.

I think Yoki will have the last laugh though. I’m going to wear crazy paned trunk hose after all.

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  1. I honestly can't wait to see these costumes; the wigs alone are so... erm.... charming. :----D