Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Plans, plans... And Valentine's day!

For starters, I would really like to thank everyone who voted our photo on Desucon’s Välähdys- posing competition! And again big thanks to AG, who is responsible of all the photos from Lumiere and Cogsworth. I hope we bump into you at the convention photo booth in future cons!

"--You pompous parrafin-headed pea-brain!" "En garde, you overgrown pocket watch!"

Even if we finally got a proper winter here in Finland, our thoughts are already wandering towards summer. Our convention plans are still wide open, but we hope we are able to attend as many as we can. We have planned to roll pretty much with our old costumes, like Yoshimitsu and Ivy. Wearing them again also would give us a boost to polish and work on the details, with which we had to take short cuts last year. Desucon’s quest of honor might finally force us to re-do Sasori and Deidara. Also we could finally do a proper construction post starring Sasori’s body, because we have had questions about it through the years.

Old costumes aren’t the only ones swirling in our heads. We have sketched a pair cosplay from Star Wars, lolita-Transformers mash-up (to satisfy Yoki and her little Transformers addiction) and what else. In my closet there is still some costumes waiting to be finished, yet I dream of doing more, like Sophie from Howl's Moving Castle.

Next to sewing costumes that I wasn't meant to, I also might do something very different; compete alone. Lately I’ve been thinking about attending to the EuroCosplay preliminaries in June. The idea is a bit weird, performing on my own and all, but Yoki promised to be my best supporter. We'll see what happens! Cosplayer's plans are... well, cosplayer's plans. You can't really write them in stone.

Oh yeah, Finnish people! Lappeenrannan ja Kouvolan Eurokankaissa on muuttomyynti, kankaista -20% ja rullan loput -50%. Valikoimaa on jonkin verran rajattu; esimerkiksi suurin osa peruspuuvilloista ja -trikoista on siirretty syrjään muuttoa odottamaan. Lappeenrannassa osa puuvilla- ja satiinikanteista on myös alennuksessa, sekä kasa riemunkirjavia vetoketjuja.

Last but not least:

Happy Valentine's day for all the humans~

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