Sunday, June 24, 2012

Hold the camera!

During the long days of midsummer, between the grilling and rain clouds, we decided to make a small trial run with Hiron’s camera. Before, we had only used it in photoshoots. Everything changed few days ago as Hiron aka ‘fabric-hamster’ noticed that the camera holds inside a video program which is able to shoot HD video. Furthermore, the camera is able to focus from distant objects to objects close to the viewer.

In our future projects, instead of using our old pocket size digital cameras with inferior sound and video quality, we shall change to this “slightly” better option. There are still things to learn and as the first step I would recommend taking the tripod with you into the shooting. The outcome of this experience suffers from constant earthquakes which can hopefully be prevented in the future by remembering this first little step. The video features my aka Mizuyaiba’s original character Sio Imano, who is on a search for her lost sister Neva. After three years of searching she is still out of luck.

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