Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Loose facial features

Our troll project is slowly making progress. Next to the wigs, I have sketched out the outfits for all three of us and some I have already started sewing. The weapons are on Yoki’s drawing table and the performance has also been somewhat decided. The prosthetics were the only big costume section I had left aside. I kind of avoided it a bit too, since it was something I wasn’t familiar with. But yesterday I grabbed the bull from its horns… or troll from its tusks! However you like to put it.

I started from taking a cast from our third party member’s nose and sculpting the master molds for our ears. I’m going to make the nose by casting latex on a negative mold and the ears by brushing or dipping the positive molds on latex. Or that is at least what I have planned. I’m not sure which method is the best, since this is my first time working with latex.

Today I finished the positive sculpt for the nose and made the first “casting” test for the ears. The male tusks I'm going to solve with ready-made product, but the female teeth issue is still wide open. I'm still looking for a right solution with them.

I want to thank my good costumer friend Batsy for providing us with the latex! You can be sure that I will shortly have a pile of questions prepared.

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  1. Glad to be of service milady, altho judging from your progress I hazard a guess that in a very short time it is I who seek answers from you :)