Saturday, August 4, 2012

Some troll stuff

Is it August already?! I really need to schedule a blogging day to our cosplay calendar…

We’ve been crafting our costumes and they are slowly taking form and starting to resemble more cosplay costumes and less gym wear with all the jersey and body/leggings patterns. I think that now after settling the material and pattern issues and trying every possible technique required at least once, the rest of the construction should go rather smoothly. 

This far there have been few setbacks from re-doing the clothing plans to having to raid department stores for certain blue stockings. And I’ve actually trashed few costume pieces with which I wasn’t happy with, but that and all the other hindrances have been worth it.

I love those toes!

Yoki’s visiting our third party member, who I will call Thalla from now on to simplify things. They will fit the costume for Thalla and wrap up our performance plans. I thought that this weekend would be a convenient moment to write something and show what we’ve been doing for the past month. Here are some pieces from here and there.

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