Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Eleventh Doctress photoshoot 1/2

Summer seems to be the simplest time of the year to organize a photoshoot. People have so much free time on their hands, like we had. And Sunday is the perfect day to pick! There was absolutely no one anywhere when we head out for the shoot!

Our first location for the Doctress was a small rooftop parking lot. The photographer of this shoot was Karan-chan who was with us on our Lady Bot shoot two years ago and Yoki was the fez holding assistant. The rooftop is the first part of the photoshoot. I decided to split the shoot in two, because there were over 300 photos to choose from. 

The Eleventh Doctress was a costume I made last year and wore the first time at Desucon Frostbite, 2013. The costume itself I constructed based on the outfit the 11th introduces himself in. I just can’t get over that look! It's brilliant!

Even if I made the costume some while ago, I still find some things I would like to add or fix, like the red stripes on the cuffs and the golden wristwatch. Actually I have the watch; I just forgot to wear it. But I had the journal and sonic screwdriver to fill the void.

We took a bunch of running photos. With the heat, wool jacket and stockings it wasn’t the most brilliant idea, but each photo turned out great! It was hard to pick only one! Karan laughed that in each frame my arms and legs had changed position, but face was like frozen in time!

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  1. Great photo shoot and cosplay!!