Friday, August 9, 2013

Saya Otonashi from Blood+ at Animecon

Blood+ is a series to which I have returned many times and read through four to five times. I must admit that I have never watched the anime more than few peeks from two episodes. I have formed an opinion based on what I’ve read about the animation, that the plot is more to my liking in the manga with all the misunderstanding and tragedy between Saya and Diva and Diva being more childlike and innocent in her horrible actions.

The high school uniform I made for Saya is a combination from both the anime and the manga. Biggest reason for combining those two was that I couldn’t find suitable track shoes seen in the comic. In the anime Saya has basic walking shoes, which I happened to have in my closet.

The costume itself is pretty basic; pleated skirt and white shirt with red bow. I also made the school bag and had the sword with me which Yoki made for Desucon 2012. I only got few recognitions since the school uniform is so ordinary looking and modest compared to the more better known Saya costume with plum colored jacket and white skirt.

We actually had a competition with Yoki at Animecon. We competed which costume gets more photos taken; my school uniform against her own design. It was a close call... Yoki won by one! I got over it rather quickly, because Fuyu’s costume is really well done and good looking.

We also had this weird encounter with two young guys, who enjoyed the weekend with some refreshing drinks at the park. Against all odds, they were  true gentlemen. They asked a permission to pose with us in a photo and made polite questions about the costumes. When I answered which character I was dressed as the other dude saw my fangs, his eyes started to sparkle and he invited me to bite his neck. I laughed and told him that the fake teeth might not be durable enough to do that. He was bit dissappointed, but he still thanked us for saving his day smiling a happy, slightly drunken smile.

All the photos were taken by Yoki. The large quantity is only because she took so many good ones that it was hard to narrow them down only to few!

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