Thursday, September 12, 2013

Costumes, costumes everywhere!

I'm desperately trying to pack all the costumes for the weekend, but it seems like a mission impossible. How come there is so much of… everything!

I also have some costume parts waiting to be finished, but this time I’m not the only one for a change! Earlier I mentioned that we might have addition to our group and it seems like it's actually happening! Our mom has been making her first cosplay costume ever and faces exactly the same problems as we and almost every cosplayer do before a convention. Yesterday she mumbled that she will leave the hand-stitches to be done at the hotel on Friday evening. It sounds just too familiar! She stated that she now has more understanding regarding costumes that are finished only a day before.

Even if our mom still has few things to do we were able to try the costume on. Now I can reveal that the character mom is cosplaying is Chi-Chi from Dragon Ball Z. The version we chose is from the very last episodes, in which Chi-Chi is a mother and a grandmother, which fits just perfectly! We, Dragon Ball Z and mom also go way back, but from that she will possibly tell on her own entry.

So, the packing chaos is mainly caused by the five costumes we are going to take. On Saturday I will debut Yuma, Yoki will have a second round with Kulo and mom is naturally Chi-Chi. On Sunday I will portray Amira and Yoki will try on Luminara’s odd headpiece and try to survive the long hems of a Jedi master. Not the most compact costumes, but thank goodness we have a car where to stuff everything!

Now I will head back to paint fumes. See you soon, Tampere!

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