Wednesday, March 12, 2014

We are backs

I wanted to make a derpy photo entry, because they are just so cheerful and entertaining and I myself love to read them! But while scrolling through our numerous cosplay folders, I realized that we don't have that many photos with odd facial expression. Instead, we have backs. I don't know how it happens, but we usually have backshot of ourselves or each others when ever we are in costumes. Yoki toyed with an idea of an photo post of our numerous back photos and on my spare time I made it happen. So here are the many backs from our cosplay journey!

As you can see from above we have high backs at rooftops. Then we have nature backs like seen below. Nature backs are many in numbers in our photo folders, but I picked these for the swinging action.

We also have nature backs with water and gentle summer breeze. And then we have scroching summer backs with heat and dust.

We have close up backs from nearby photoshoots and far away backs (or chased backs) from location photoshoots.

We have solo and duo backs with straight and aligned camera angles.

 But my favorites are definately the ones with two backs! Sometimes both in costumes and sometimes not.

And as an extra back we have this rare theatrical dragon's back!

We've heard that our regular walking speed could be described as fast, so maybe that's the reason for all the backs...


  1. Haha this was an original approach to the "derp post" but cute and funny. XD