Friday, July 12, 2013

Animecon is closing in

For first time in years we managed to pull ourselves together and attend to two summer conventions. We both had this particular weekend free and couldn’t think anything better to do. Animecon is just few nights away and we are… ready! Okay, almost ready since we still need to sew few wig clips.

With characters we chose the easy road and decided to recycle. Yoki picked Fuyu, who she portrayed the first time last spring at Desucon Frostbite. The costume includes a full length linen robe, but Yoki left it out because we are going to travel to Kuopio with train for change and linen and tight packing don’t mix. I'm afraid that also the staff seen in the photo below has to stay at home, because our ride back will be even more cramped.

Photo: Esa Ala-Petäys

I chose Saya from Blood+, but the wig is basically the only part I’m reusing. Everything else I sewed during these last weeks. I have always dreamt of making a school girl costume someday and now I managed to fulfill that dream! Saya's high school outfit contains dark pleated skirt, white shirt and red bow.

I also made the school bag for Saya based on what I could get out of the design from few frames in the anime episodes. I think it’s always better to have character loyal item to carry your stuff in and it was actually my turn to be the item holder... And I love bags.

With Saya I also was able to craft new teeth the similar way I made our troll teeth last year. I accidentally deleted the photos from the making process even if I had thought of writing an entry about them. Now with new photos I can correct my mishap in the future.

We are really looking forward to this weekend! There is so many programs we want to see and we both have carefree costumes and I'm going to bring my camera and try to recall how to take photos and it's going to be nice weather and nice people and hotel breakfast... I could go on forever, but maybe I continue after the convention. See you at Animecon!

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Eleventh Doctress photoshoot 1/2

Summer seems to be the simplest time of the year to organize a photoshoot. People have so much free time on their hands, like we had. And Sunday is the perfect day to pick! There was absolutely no one anywhere when we head out for the shoot!

Our first location for the Doctress was a small rooftop parking lot. The photographer of this shoot was Karan-chan who was with us on our Lady Bot shoot two years ago and Yoki was the fez holding assistant. The rooftop is the first part of the photoshoot. I decided to split the shoot in two, because there were over 300 photos to choose from. 

The Eleventh Doctress was a costume I made last year and wore the first time at Desucon Frostbite, 2013. The costume itself I constructed based on the outfit the 11th introduces himself in. I just can’t get over that look! It's brilliant!

Even if I made the costume some while ago, I still find some things I would like to add or fix, like the red stripes on the cuffs and the golden wristwatch. Actually I have the watch; I just forgot to wear it. But I had the journal and sonic screwdriver to fill the void.

We took a bunch of running photos. With the heat, wool jacket and stockings it wasn’t the most brilliant idea, but each photo turned out great! It was hard to pick only one! Karan laughed that in each frame my arms and legs had changed position, but face was like frozen in time!