Friday, April 20, 2012

Troll toes trial no. 1

Since I don’t have anything under construction right now (except for few fancy dresses for summer and a quilt works), I thought to continue our troll project with experimentations on the foot-side. It’s weird that WOW troll has three fingers but only two toes! The asymmetry is rather weird, but I will roll with it. The fingers I’m going to solve by sewing custom gloves, but the toe matter is bit trickier. I’ve seen costumers making the feet over boots, but I wanted the toes to look like they bend and act rather naturally. And I really want to make the feet look good, since people seems to loath them so much.

I’m pretty sure that I’m going to make the toes out of foam. The “how” is the thing I’m still pondering, but my first trial gave a good base to the future construction.

First I kindly asked Yoki to lend her foot so that I could draw the outline on a piece of foam. After that I sketched out how the fake toes would look like and how they are placed compared to the real toes. Then I cut away the inner section and the excess around the troll toes.

When I had the first piece ready, I copied it on another piece of foam and cut the top part of the foot. I rounded the edges and carved the inside of the top part hollow so that it would sit nicely on Yoki’s foot.

Then I trimmed the pieces until they looked fairly nice. I also added creases to where the toes might bend naturally.

Then I had a problem. These two photos show how I try to find a solution to how to wear the damn think and how to fade out the angularity of the cut edges. I ended up using the stockings for the trial.

I’ve bought a pile of blue stockings to be used as pieces of bodysuit for the trolls, but for the trial I used regular lycra to act as skin. After sewing a tight fitted sock I stuffed the toe part inside. I screwed up the pattern, but the idea worked quite nicely. Yay, for troll feet!

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Costume cross-section- Baby Jane Splicer

My splicer costume has only three different pieces; dress, hook and a stay-up sock. If I ever wear Baby Jane again I will finish the other hook and definitely wear a wig, since my own hair wouldn't do anymore. The wig I have planned for Baby Jane is again a remnant from last decade. The bob is actually going through one of my experiments, which this time is dyeing with ink. I might tell about that ordeal later on.

The dress was rather simple task to complete. Based on the reference pictures, the cut was easy to transfer to basic pattern, as the seams follow quite faithfully the darts on the front. The dress is made from taffeta that shifts between dark green and black. The cuffs and the collar I made from some navy blue scrap velvet, which had been conserved into the depths of the sewing locker for over ten years. Now I finally found use for it! Thank goodness, my memory served me well. Cotton velvet is so damn expensive!

I added a lining on the bust and sewed plastic boning on the seams. Hidden zipper is on the back seam and the dress has too removable navy blue shoulder straps. The hem was constructed what was left from the fabric after cutting the bust and the sleeves, which I two-pieced to get the right fit. I tore the hem with scissor and added an old fake rose on the bust.

I laughed a lot while trying to take a photo of the stay-up sock, but I think you might get the idea… I didn’t want to buy a pair of socks just to destroy one, so I made one from pair of old pantyhose. The upper part of the sock or the panel is made from the crotch part of the stockings, as its bit more durable. The suspender is just a piece of black elastic band.

The hook has its own construction post. For painting the hook I used acrylics paints, mostly grey with hues of silver and copper with black on the weathering. The red is theatrical fake blood, still tacky after six months.

The make-up had rather regular composed feel to it, but this time I used make-up latex with tiny pieces of toilet paper to make the scars, with touches of fake blood. I especially liked how my knee turned out, even if it didn’t show in any of the photos. And about the black tooth lacquer… it tastes horrible.