Sunday, March 14, 2010

Akatsuki interviews uploaded

Today I went to Yoki's place with my wig and a bottle of fake blood. We had done the script ready a week earlier, so we didn't have to mind that. The editing was fast, thanks to Yoki's new computer. Zero crashes, zero grey hairs. Music, more precicely "Bad Ideas (distressed)" we got from by Kevin MacLeod and it's licenced under Creative Commons Attribution 3.0. At 11am we started to prepare for our photoshoot and and at 6pm we were ready and the outcome of the day was uploaded on Youtube. You can check here for Akatsuki interviews.

Obligatory "after" pic.

We were thinking of doing a series of interviews. First question came up years ago when we were cosplaying Sasori and Deidara the first time, but for some reason we didn't materialize it back then. The second one was just random idea we laughted about when we were drinking coffee and tea and playing cards. If you have ideas or you would like to ask something from Sasori and Deidara, leave a comment or send us a message on Youtube!

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