Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Collaboration with doujinshi artist laira87

This picture of us will be drawn as a doujinshi cover by laira87.

Last month we got a message one of a kind. Doujinshi artist, who has account on Deviantart under laira87 contacted us and asked a permission to use one of our cosplay pictures as an inspiration for a cover of her new project. I explored her work, discussed with Yoki about the matter and changed few messages with Laira. She was really nice person and quick on her moves! It didn't take long before she sent me a sketch, where Sasori and Deidara were drawn in the way we pose in our picture.

We granted the permission and now we are waiting for the cover to finished. So exiting! The funny thing is, that this particular photo is based on a drawing I, myself made years ago. So Laira is drawing a picture of our photo, which is based on a drawing. From Laira's Deviant profile you find more info about her and her work.

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  1. Mää löysin tän vasta tänään. Aika hassu juttu. Hianoo.