Sunday, May 30, 2010

One convention confirmed!

Here we come, Tracon! I finally got myself to book us a hotel and buy tickets to our first convention we attend together in two years. Two years, people! I think we are out with all what has been happening in the Finnish cosplay scene these past few years. Still I have spotted people who I actually recognize and whose works I admire. Couple of them has their own blogs, so spying their progress and is quite easy. I thank you, dear internet.

Needless to say, we are going as Joxter and Muddler from Moomin. Next few weeks we are far away from our costume projects and it doesn’t help that we had a small hiatus this month, because of my commissions and Yoki's entrance exam. The finishing of the costumes is pushed back near to the convention. As always. I’m so happy, that they are in good shape compared to some other late constructions. But what would cosplay be without few frustrating, long nights.

Tracon is a Finnish roleplaying and anime convention held in Tampere, Finland. It has worked its way from a year starting, one day winter con to two day summer con. As a hobbyist from both of the genres, we just can't miss it. And as on our previous cosplay excursion we are accompanied by Karan. This year, we keep snacks with us as a first aid. No more collapsing cosplayers.

Yoki as Snowtrooper, Karan as Chaplin. Pic by Hiron 2010.


  1. Yo ! ^^
    Your work is really good !
    I Loooooove your cosplay ! *___*

    Aware, sorry for my bad english, I'm French ! ^^"

  2. Thank you very much! And your English is not that bad. ^^

    We were in France in the beginning of June, more exactly in a small village near Rouen. To communicate we used Enhlish, the few words of French we knew and sign language. It was fun and almost everytime people understood what we meant.

  3. There is always a way to understand! xD