Thursday, June 3, 2010

Making animu-faces

Note: Oh, this is such a silly post.

Posing isn't always easy. Even harder its in conventions, where you can do little to improve pictures and strike a perfect pose with little thinking. That is possibly why cosplayers go with safe/same pose photo by photo. One of these poses must be the kawaii-pose and the many variations of it. But really, the base is always the same. Big, wide eyes, high photo angle and cute, quirky smile.

After some experiments, I noticed that it is really quite easy to achieve, even if you are not sweet and innocent girl on her teens. And now, I shall share my knowledge with this specific and highly descriptive step by step guidance!

Starting point: Relax your face. Think of something cute and sweet, like cupcakes and candies.

Nose manipulation: Tense the side muscles of your nose, like if you were going to sneeze. The tip of your nose will fall a bit and the length between your upper lip and nose will slightly increase. Tension affects also the upper lip. This is an optional step. I think it makes the next phase easier.

Smile: Press your lower lip tightly against the upper lip. Try to smile. Don't worry, if you think you look like a duck. It's part of the process.

Vogue...Strike a pose: Turn to the camera, tilt your head down and open your eyes wide. Lift your eyebrows to create an illusion of innocence. Add weird hand gesture. Kawaii~~!

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