Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Ears, toes and saucepans

There is about half a month till Tracon and we are on pretty good standing, even if there is still work to do. As I earlier posted, we haven't done much. The progress on the costumes was on hold for two weeks because of our vacations. This week is no exception. I'm stuck with my real work and commissions. Yoki has a summer job and is preparing her graduation party. But next week we try to get the costumes in a condition, which would allow us to have a pre-photoshoot. Meanwhile I took some pictures of some objects I haven't yet posted.

The saucepan is a real saucepan. It will be altered by Esa, our dear metal expert who will make the handle on it and hammer it up a bit. Originally pan is from anonymous donor, who found it lying around his cottage. We were quite close of giving up on the search of an old aluminum pot. And we wanted it to be aluminum. I can't see Muddler's headwear to be anything else. Gladly, when inquiring many people the word will get around and we were lucky to obtain the hunted item.

Muddler's socks will be built on old ballerina shoes. The pattern is a mixture of shoe cover technique and altered glove patterns. The material is thick linen, normal one would possibly tear in use. The sock pictured below is a model. Yoki wasn't happy with the outcome of the first sock and after she pointed out some minor errors, I got the urge to do them again. I wasn't too happy about that at the time. Perhaps I even let out some bad words. Anyone who has sewn gloves from non-stretchy fabric with seam allowance of few millimeters knows how annoying it is.

To obtain Joxter’s shoes was surprisingly easy. I went trough only four (which is the number of them existing in our town) flee markets to find what I was looking for. They are one size too small, but what would cosplay be without some pain. I only need to weather them some more and possibly change the laces.

Muddler's so-called-head is made from recycled leather from old suede jacket. I like to work with leather, because you don't need to hem it and you can stretch it to some extent. The pieces of the scalp are stitched together with tense zigzag. The seams will not be visible. They will be covered by the ears and the saucepan. We still need to find natural beige leather or fur for the lighter parts of the ears and the best way to attach the whole thing on Yoki's head.


  1. Toivottavasti kommentointi suomeksi ei haittaa...

    Olen jo vähän pidempään stalkannut tätä blogia ja pakko nyt saada sanotuksi, että en malta odottaa noiden Juksu ja Hosuli cossien näkemistä valmiina.:D

    En yleensä ole kovin kommentoivaa sorttia ("ää ei mulla oikeasti ole mitään sanottuvaa ää en mä viitti"), mutta ajattelin että voisi nyt kerrankin ilmaista lukevansa tätä blogia ja nauttivansa siitä. Vaikka en itse harrastakaan cosplayta niin on mukavaa kuulla/nähdä kuinka ihmiset tekevät pukujansa. Pisteet teille tästä.

    Joo ei siis oikeasti ollut mitään asiaa.^^'

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    Koitetaan ensi viikolla saada jotain suht valmista kuvamateriaalia Muumihyypiöistä. Tämä siis, mikäli mitään järisyttävän kiireistä ei eteen satu.

    Ja saa tänne tulla löpisemään, vaikkei olisikaan asiaa. Meistä se on vain mukavaa. ^^