Friday, December 3, 2010

Costume cross-section- Samara Morgan

Samara Morgan is the main antagonist in the American versions of The Ring movies. I made the costume based on the first movie, I haven't even seen the other. The costume itself I designed based on both versions of Samara, human and un-human.

Samara was my second "solo cosplay", primary constructed for Halloween. I'm hoping that I'll get a change to wear the costume again, preferably in convention. The reactions Samara brought up were just priceless. I have few ideas for cosplay videos, but they are on hold until spring. How warm I was to make this costume, it... or I won't endure -15 °C (5 degrees) and tight height of snow.

Main piece of the costume is Samara's worn out and mossy dress. It’s made from white flannel, lining on the bust is beige acetate and hem lining is white cotton and dark grey batiste. The hem has three layers and it’s heavily pleated on the waist. Hidden zipper is placed on the side. On the back of the bust is an open pleat on the whole height of the piece. The belt is separate. I dyed, or preferably messed the fabric when all the pieces were cut with antique grey fabric dye from Dylon.

Double lining to give the hem some poof.

The torn out look I achieved with scissor ripping. The way I made it happen must have looked suicidal. I don’t even know how to call the way I used my scissors. It was aggressive and maniac, I ripped the fabric the same time I cut it, which made the cuts look irregular and messy. I also cut my fingers, so not the safest method out there.

Samara's dead version doesn't wear socks or shoes, different from the mental house outfit, but I ended up doing them for the Zombiewalk at least. With them I could wear thick stockings underneath, but still be loyal to the characters looks. The socks are made from bamboo knit sown to a tube. I placed the seam on the back, because Samara is rarely viewed from that angle. The socks went through same kind of dye progress as the dress.

Shoes I wore, were just regular ballerinas. I actually found perfect shoes for Samara, but didn’t purchase them because I thought I would never wear the costume again. I might possibly go and buy them now when my mind has changed. If I wear Samara in conventions, shoes would be more that practical.

The wig I used for Samara was originally bust length. I made wefts from left over kanelon to make the hair longer. Bangs I pulled aside with pins to get closer to Samara's look. The make-up is combination of glue, toilet paper, white, grey and black cake make-ups, dark eye shadows and attachment powder. To keep warm, I constructed sleeves with all the previous. As a base I used bamboo knit.

Glue-paper parts of the make-up after I ripped them from my face.

I estimate that I used approximately fifteen euros for this costume. I only had to buy the flannel and a tube of glue for this project. Everything else I scraped together from my fabric storage and closet. But realistically, it would be easily over seventy euros; wig 20-30 euros, make-up 15 euros, fabric for lining, zipper, other attachments and dye ~25 euros. And if I had bought the shoes, it would be plus 10 euros. Originally I planned and chose the costume so that I could benefit from all the stuff I already had and to be honest, I really like the outcome.


  1. This is great! I wanted to have a really scary costume this Halloween, and was thinking of Samara. But I wasn't sure if the movie came out too long ago and wouldn't really be recognized. However, it's only one year after you made this one, so I think I will go for it!

  2. You did a really good job on this! I'm going as Samara for Halloween but in Australia the crap I need is cheap. ^^

  3. How can i get this costume??!!!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

  4. how did you make the gloves on your arms?