Monday, December 13, 2010

Moonlit Mireille

In "Moonlit tea party", which is eleventh anime episode of Noir Mireille is wearing white men’s shirt. How convenient! I just happened to have one in my closet! Months ago I found a perfect tea cup from flea market and started to wonder if I should scrape together the tea party outfit. And yesterday I did. It's not much of a cosplay, but a nice snack in this current costume silence. I could have chosen a better occasion for the photoshoot, which pretty much contained me, camera, tripod and a cup of tee about 5 AM. Creativity doesn't ask for the time or the place!

With the shoot, I got an opportunity to see how the styled wig looked with contacts, fake lashes and make-up. The wig is years old, bought from Estonia. It's rather good quality, thick and easy to work with. Tangles fall from the wig with ease or then I just have the patience to comb wigs properly these days. The photos came up nice, even if the lighting was dim and I used my new camera first time with tripod and timing. But the atmosphere mediates. I really tried not to make it sleazy. Well... bed room sets are always sleazy!


  1. Kiitos paljon! Olin kyllä hyvin hämmentynyt, kun kävin kuvia läpi julkaisua varten ja totesin, että hei, minähän näytän leidiltä! Cosplayhistoria kun pitää sisällään enemmän miespuoleisia hahmoja... tai maatuneita naisia. Alan siis vannoa tekoripsien nimeen tulevissa femme-puvuissa! :)