Monday, January 3, 2011

Bubbly start for the new year

The topic refers shamelessly to me; I was dressed up as Bubbles from The Powerpuff Girls next to my two good friends as Blossom and Buttercup when the year changed. But it could also refer to bubbling spray paint, which is not in any circumstances a good thing or fizzy drink containing caffeine, which will keep us going when we try to meet the deadlines with our Snowtrooper costumes. Gladly, our deadline is a relative concept. More defining limit is the time we have snow on the ground, because our photoshoot and vid ideas require it badly.

I have already written about next year’s cosplay plans in few posts, so I'm going to leave them out. Currently we are trying to choose the conventions to attend to. There seems to be too many of them! I'm worried that our usable costumes run out before the events do. It's not a big deal in a way; we like to re-use our costumes, but they just seem to be quite hot to wear at summer conventions. I don't know how we survived last Tracon with Joxter and Muddler.

Back to bubbles or Bubbles more specifically. We got the idea of dressing up as the Powerpuff Girls years back with my friends, when someone stated that we were just like them. We are almost the same height and our hair colors match the characters. When we realised we were going to attend to party themed superheroes, we didn't need to think twice. Because we only dressed up for home party, I took the freedom to buy the cheapest fabrics. I ended up in basic sheet cotton 1 meter per dress. One dress cost about 7 euros. The dresses are not exactly like the original ones. I altered them to look like 70's mod dresses. Also everyone decided on their own what kind of belt and stockings to wear. I was bit hesitant with the role of the cute and weepy one, but gladly these few photos prove that it was somewhat achievable. The pics are published with the permission of the photographer.

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