Thursday, January 27, 2011

This is madness! This is plastic!

Last weekend we reached one huge milestone on our Snowie-journey. We got all the armor parts vacuumformed! Yay to that! It had a price though. Yoki had to endure my mood swings once again and I almost got rid of my right index finger. Gladly, I still have it; instead I have scratches all over my hands. These minor casualties occurred with a carpet knife or my technique with carpet knife, which got people worried when Yoki included a clip of me working on her transmission. I could say that don't try that at home, but then again whittling outwards isn't as accurate when you need to take off millimeters or halves. After saying that, I hope that when Yoki comes over in half way of February, we will be able to have a photoshoot and I still have ten functioning fingers.

At the moment, this is how my workload looks like. I already have trimmed all the parts we vacuumformed. I also added some attachments and assembled the chest plate. There is a sad story behind that, but in short it had to be cut into pieces because our oven wasn't quite as big as it should have. Equipment restrictions should be taken in consideration on the planning phase... Ehem...

Next weekend I'm going to paint everything, minus the chest plates because they still need some attention. Then I have the backpacks waiting with never ending sanding and fiddly detailing. I'm little troubled about my schedule honestly. I only have two weeks to put the costumes together and make them look presentable enough for the shoot. But I'm going to make it! I'm putting the crazy gear on if nothing else helps.

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  1. Wow, that looks incredibly cool! Waiting eagerly for the final results. :3