Saturday, February 12, 2011

White, cool yet hot? Snowtroopers!

The first trial run of Snowtroopers ended just 15 minutes ago. The atmosphere inside the helmet was hot. Tomorrow it will be cold instead as we leave the home base and head out to vast fields of snow for photoshoot. Costumes 93% ready. The remaining 7% sounds little and it is, but Hiron used some pretty powerful words to describe the final work stages. But I'm sure that after wearing the costumes we will get a positive power burst and finish the remaing items in no time.

Keep on eye out for upcoming video about freshly graduated snowtroopers!


  1. Ooooh looking good! I really hope I get to see those costumes in action with my own eyes.

  2. Thank you and I bet you will! We have planned to take Snowies to Tampere Kuplii, possibly to Baka too.