Friday, May 11, 2012

Nothing special, I'm just...

... Making new costumes!

Who am I kidding; I’m just too easily bored. It seems that I need to have something in the making or I won’t be satisfied. So after all the speculation, we are going to have new costumes to debut at Desucon in June.  I thought I could play a little game here and give some hint before revealing the characters. If you are inpatient, just scroll to the end of this post.

The characters are from manga adaptation of certain series. Finally we are able to cosplay female characters who are siblings! And I’m really happy that I can sew some modern, “real” clothes. We are currently in a situation where three people want to reclaim the jacket Yoki will be wearing after the convention.

I must also give myself praise that I get Yoki to wear a skirt. A short skirt.

Both of the characters have black hair and something sticking between their teeth. Yoki will be wearing light brown contacts, while I will re-use my blue ones.

One reason for choosing the manga version is that the gown I’ll be making for myself is really pretty. I fancy pretty dresses.

Yoki might be the one who gets recognized more, since her outfit appears in both anime and manga.

Time for the revelation! The characters we are cosplaying are Saya and Diva from the series Blood Plus!
Yoki’s outfit is nearly finished, I’m currently constructing Diva’s gown and will hopefully have it done on Sunday. I’ll try to make a post after I’m finished with it.

P.s Ja ei, äiti. En ole tekemässä morsiuspukua ja menossa salaa naimisiin, ei huolta!

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  1. The dresses you made are so feminine and sweet. I love it.