Monday, November 5, 2012

Saya Otonashi from Blood+ at Tracon 7

I actually do have proper entries under construction. I really do!  As soon as I get an opportunity I will write about contact lenses. I recently bought ones with prescription and did the whole optician routine by the book. I have worn cosmetic contacts as long as I have cosplayed, but it took me this long to go to optician and check if my eyes are even compatible with lenses. But since I can't wrap the experience up just yet, I just keep spamming photos for now.

Saya is actually the only costume we both have worn. We are pretty much the same size, so I didn’t have to alter the costume to fit me. I only had to turn the skirts waistband over, so that the skirt “shortened” a little; my torso is taller than Yoki’s so the height proportions of the skirt and the jacket didn’t mach. It was an easy fix.

I really don’t have much more to say about the costume. It was effortless costume to wear on the second day of the convention, regular make-up after the troll blueness and perfect for changeable weather conditions, since its water- and windproof.


  1. Where did you find your cosplay love? I've looked everywhere and when I do finally manage to find it it's not even accurate.

    1. Hi there and sorry for the late reply! We make our own costumes and use bunch of reference pictures and photos to be as accurate as possible.