Thursday, May 23, 2013

Jewelry, check!

Finally I have something ready and completed! I was bit skeptical about making anything complex from Fimo, but everything went better than expected. I had few problems on the way. Mostly they were sculpting issues with strange shapes and how to achieve them; from solid chunks or by cutting them with patterns from a sheet of clay.

Next to latex molds I used Fimo itself to make molds for the little trinkets for the amulet and earrings. I baked the molds and let them cool. I used talc as release agent. I took a small piece of Fimo and push it in the mold. With right amount of talc the clay popped out almost by itself. After baking I trimmed the pieces with a exacto knife.

I painted the jewelry pieces with metal paint and used black stain to age them. The wooden pearls I painted with acrylics. Finally I sprayed clear lacquer to finish the surfaces.

 Left: coins with stain

I used jewelry hooks to attach the trinkets. I secured them with epoxy glue which I also used to glue on the red stones. I drilled tiny holes for the coins and used stitching thread to hang them from the amulet.


  1. Puvun osat näyttävät upealta! Mitä olen blogeja lueskellut tähän mennessä olet EC ennakkosuosikkini, onnea kisaan! ^^

    1. Voi kiitos! Kannustus on minulle kullanarvoista. ^^ Ja hei, tsemppiä teille esitysvalmisteluihin Närconiin!