Friday, May 3, 2013

Keeping busy

The first thing I noticed this morning after logging in on our account was that our reader count had reached 100! Thank you! I hope that you find and will find the content we create interesting and useful! We actually had something planned for this particular event, but the 200 kilometers between me and Yoki somewhat ruined it.  Instead I give you a photo of us in pants Yoki made for her next costume!

Last month was a busy one for me with visiting our brother and his family on the other side of Finland, birthday parties and my other hobby, theater. They consumed more time than I expected and naturally slowed down my progress with Amir. But I had made my timetable rather crazy to ensure that I keep my pace. I’m now back on track and bit ahead. I actually made some stage props for the performance in advance.

I finished the hat with the cloth wrappings. Despite the amount of fabric on the back of the hat, it fits quite nicely without any fastenings.

I also forced myself to work on the undershirt, because the sleeves and front are quite crucial part of the overall look of the costume. I think I managed to replicate the design pretty well even if it always looks bit different in every frame. I’m currently embroidering the collar and the back of the shirt.

I baked some more jewelry. This time it was the bracelets.

I also styled the prettiest wig on Earth! I still need to braid it and add the accessories.

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