Wednesday, October 30, 2013

EuroCosplay Championships and... whaaaat?!

Oh dear, I don’t even know where to start! I’m still feeling the con-lag and after a major convention like MCM ComicCon I suspect that it will last quite some time. Also to add to the confusion we happened to fly on Monday, the day the storm hit London. The situation with apocalyptic weather, with no trains and huge traffic jams it was a miracle that we got to the airport in time. It was literally matter of minutes! Thank goodness the main organizer of the EuroCosplay Championships is a man with a heart of gold! He helped us out and without him we had missed our flight for sure!

Next to the confusion I’m feeling so, so blissful and grateful…

I received Judge’s Choice from Cathy, who is the talented and creative woman behind God Save The Queen Fashions! I was so dumbfounded that Yoki had to push me towards the stage to receive the prize!

Aah, I’m just so happy that I’m lost for words! So I’m going to get back to ComicCon and the Championships after some amount of well slept nights.

Congratulations to this year’s champion Iloon and to Zula and Sara! Also to Dulcinea and Cassidy, who also were Judge’s Choices! And best wishes to all contestant and their helpers! It was great to meet you and share the awesome experience and weekend with you all!

Photographs: Emilia Lahtinen
Cosplay and model: Hiron/ Casualty Cosplay


  1. The amount of detail you guys (well, gals) put into your costumes is mesmerizing. This reminds me a lot of Montenegrian folk fashion, minus the little gold coins. It really is impressive stuff! Keep it up!

  2. Lucky for us the live stream worked this year and we we're so happy when they announced Judge’s Choices. Congrats!!!

  3. Now I won't have to say "I hate to say it" because I LOVE to say this, I TOLD YOU SO at Tracon didn't I? :D A huge hug and congrats from me <3

  4. Thank you for your support everyone! ^o^