Thursday, October 24, 2013

London calling! And EuroCosplay!

It's only few days away! I can't believe it! But surely it will happen and I have been updating my costume with new boots, jewelry and few other things I didn't have time to make before. Over all, I'm really happy how the costume now looks and feels! I will write whole lot after ComicCon, because I think I will have so much spare time that I really don't know what to do with it...

I should be packing and panicing, but I just wanted to stop by and thank everyone who have encouraged me during this project! If I could only hug you all, I surely would!

But of course the biggest thanks goes to Yoki, my dear sister and supporter. She will carry camera around at ComicCon, so we might actually update our Youtube after long radio silence in few weeks.

I also want to send special thanks to Emilia Lahtinen and her assistant, who photographed my costume at Tracon 8. Thank you!

I got asked about the previous entries of the costume and thought it would be nice to share links to them. I announced the costume in February and made few work in progress posts from the jewelry (actually two), the first boots I made and a general one. I had a photoshoot for the underclothes before the qualifiers and also wrote a report from Desucon.


  1. Best of luck to you for EuroCosplay! :)

  2. Good luck!! I hope the stream will work this year.

  3. Travel safely and remember to have fun! Lots of good luck for you~. Hopefully everything in the contest goes smoothly. We'll cheer for you here in Finland! \o/

  4. heeeeeeey it me Andreea from Romania!~ aw such lovely photos of Amira<3 do you have any wips on this costume?:)

    1. Hi there! And thank you so much! My photographer had found a perfect spot to have the photos taken.

      I added links to the WIP entries and also to some more general ones. You can find them on the bottom of the post. :)