Monday, October 12, 2009

Casualties happen

Cosplay costumes always suffer, even thought you try to make them as durable as you can. We are not an exception, so I thought that I list the casualties we have had during cons. Photoshoots usually goes so well that there is nothing to them.

Ropecon 2006

We attended this con as Hitsugaya Toushiro and Matsumoto Rangiku. Nothing bad happened really. Only the wigs which we used got quite unwearable. In a matter, they were bad to even start with. After Ropecon we really started to pay attention to the wigs.

Yoki edit: Hiron's face was on the danger zone. I hit her in the face twice with Hyorinmaru's hilt.

Finncon 2007 / Animecon V

Okay, to start with my ear, which was numb till the next day because of the hawk eye Deidara has. I had to attach it not only to the headband but also to my ear with transparent rubberband. Not cool. I don't remember was it Animecon or Ropecon, but our warajis needed some serious fixing after the con. The emergency aid was to tie the loose ends and hope for the best.

Yoki edit: The day we cosplayed Sasori and Deidara were rainy and the wig I used were dyed. So the white inside of Sasori's hat were pink at the end of the day. Also the puppet body's holders

Drinking and especially eating was really hard for Yoki. Pic by Vibracao 2007.

Ropecon 2007

Yoki took part in Twister competition while cosplaying Sasori. The puppet body didn't like the idea. It folded from middle torso and is still apparent. It can't be fixed, but I'm sure that only ones who know it existes is me and Yoki herself. Also Mayuri's head-ear piece started to fall apart during the con. We had super glue with us, so the problem was fixed. One of Akon's horns also fell off. Again glue participated, but this time the type was more skin friendly.

Yoki edit: Holders broke again from Sasori's puppet body. Poppers came loose from both Akatsuki jackets. Mayuri's clothes were white from the bodypaint. Mayuri's chin piece had three holes instead of two. Deidara's wig suffered from serious hair loss and it lost almost all of it's shape.

Hiron edit: Uh... I didn't remember there were so many.

Tracon III (2008)

This was the first time I was one with more casualties. I manage to broke my sword while trying to get trought a pack of people. I kept it behind me and sheated, but little did that do. Also Yoki got crack on her sword, which was two times bigger than mine. And in the end I fixed mine, but it broke again. Now it's in two pieces, yay!

Yoki edit: Poppers again!

Proof that the sword is in two pieces. But somehow it fits this character. Pic by Yoki 2008.

Finncon 2008 / Animecon VI

I learned heavily that fake leather doesn't work with hot glue. Our shoe covers started to detach from the base shoes. After each day I had to glue them again. Yoki got tangled with her wig many times and after the con it was quite horrible. So horrible that we decided to buy a new one and sacrifice the old for the greater good. I got some scarring because I didn't have the time to do my binding like it should be done: With care! I had to take off the sports tape after a long shower and it still took some suovenir with it. And we also messed some of our costume parts with the grey bodypaint.

Yoki edit: Jasdero's pants lost some lacing. Skin damage occured while taking off the body paint. Back pain as result from acting and walking like Jasdero.

Tracon IV (2009)

I was the casualty. I walked around the con with a cane. It would have been fun if I had cosplayed as Dr. House but no... The pain. Oh my, the pain.


Yoki helped me a bit with this post. Well, age doesn't come alone.

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