Monday, October 19, 2009

This is Halloween, Halloween, Halloween!

The ultimately favorite holiday for cosplayers? Perhaps, perhaps it is. One more reason to make a quick-quick-quickie-costume because you just can't miss the chance to dress up!

In Finland Halloween is quite new consept. Kids who are now on their early teens sees Halloween as fairly normal holiday. When I was something like thirteen-fourteen, we had "Halloween party" with my friends. We made ghost costumes from old sheets and watched horror movies all night and that was it. Yet the celebration of Halloween is common now, trick or treating still hasn't become a custom. Some adventurous kids wander around their closest neightbours in hopes of sweets. As the Halloween is a imported holiday in Finland 31. October is celebrated as the All Saint's day. Before All Saint's day got labelled as we today call it, was the last day of October celebrated amongs the farmers as the end of the harvest season.

Nowadays the end of October is more a commercial fest with craft stores selling cheap witch hats and vampire capes. That is not a necessarily a bad thing, if it gets people wear costumes and not to fear others reactions. A official day for goofing around in strange clothes makes good sense in Finland, where it's quite un-common to have publicly fun just for the sake of it. I'm glad that Halloween with costumes is getting more popular, because we desperately need to loosen up from all the formality.

Most recent Zombie walk- Helsinki -poster by Emilia Keskinen

I have always seen our hometown as a truly prejudice place, but it got me few day ago! I came across with first ever Zombie walk in our hometown! First Zombie walk in Finland were arranged 2006 in our capital city, Helsinki. I know that the origins of Zombie walk isn't connected to Halloween in any way, but I think it gathers more participants when it's held linked to other happening including costumes. It somehow makes it more acceptable.

(off-topic: How the hell I'm supposed to get home from work after that suprise snowfall! The flakes are bigger than my thumb!)

Now back to the subject. I introduced the idea of a quick-quick-quickie-costume for Halloween. I don't know do I have time to attend the Zombie walk, but I'm going to this Halloween party/gig, so people in costumes are more than welcome. To celebrate the undeadness of this holiday I thought of doing Bubblehead Nurse from Silent Hill. It's easy, cheap and quick costume to put together and suits for the bar's atmosphere. I need to do the mask detachable if I wish to drink anything... Well, the drinking could be possible without taking of the mask, but I would like to be recogniced by my friends. And I'm so going to win the prize this year! Last year I won, but I was in the bathroom when they called the winners on the stage. I was clueless about all until the next day, when people asked me multiple times where I was and why I didn't go get the prize. I told that I was in the bathroom and got startled looks. What you were doing there? Why it took so long? Goddamit! People, when wearing a corset and a bustle, it really takes some time...

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