Saturday, October 17, 2009

What's next?

That is a really good question! We had planned a photoshoot for tomorrow, but the weather is somewhat horrible right now. I think it's not going to improve much... It might even snow a bit. There is nothing wrong with snow, but when it's wet, windy and the sun is nowhere to be seen the circumstances aren't that great.

The only option right now is to wait for the next weekend. Our photoshoot location is an hour away from the town. My timetable is quite flexible and I even have few extra days off work, but Yoki's school days last till three or four o'clock. After she gets home we need to pack our stuff and move to the location. Yoki needs to put on the costume and make-up. Then we can start shooting and all the previous have taken so much time, that it's already evening and dark. And I mean dark. Natural light is the only light source we have "out there".

I hope that during the next week Finnish autumn shows its beautiful side.

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