Thursday, June 30, 2011

Foretaste of Decepticon femme humanforms

We made a record today! For the first time in our cosplay history we had a official photoshoot prior to wearing the costumes at convention. We headed out to the heat this afternoon with our ladyfied Decepticons and had the most pleasant shoot to date. Not because of the weather, we nearly fried, but thanks to Karan who worked as our photographer. Thank you a thousand times and few more to go with the rest! The photos turned out better than I ever expected! Also our location was most suitable for the shoot. Thanks to Yoki for that one!

I will make a full photoshoot post after the weekend, but here is one for a sneak peek. Enjoy!

Photo taken by Karan.


  1. Uhuh, joutuisiko sitä nytten sitten perumaan sanojansa mitä desulla tuli suustaan päästettyä (ihmisten ulkonäön kommentoimisesta) ...

    Anteeksi teinix kommentti ... mutta ... hot ? :-p

    T: Se bättis