Saturday, June 11, 2011

Traveller inspired collaboration

At their best, cosplay photographs act like any successful piece of art; they enlighten feelings, memories and stories. We have few times been truly dumbfounded, when we’ve had contacts from other countries, people with whole different backgrounds about our cosplay photos. Especially Yoki’s Snufkin have had positive reactions, which we will never forget. One of them was from Netherlands.

Piotr send us e-mail and asked if he could use one of the photos from our winter photoshoot for Snufkin. He is planning a hitch-hiking trip around the world and Snufkin has been his favourite childhood character. No wonder, I say. He also mentioned that he has read all Moomin books by Tove, so we were basically involved with Moomin maniac similar to ourselves. Thus, we were really happy to let him use our work on his blog's header.

Piotr’s blog, One smile journey can be found behind the link. We wish him best of luck for his adventure!

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