Thursday, June 16, 2011

Time for the check list

The title subtly indicates that I got the costumes ready in time! This is really something. Usually we got some gluing and hand-stitches to do on the night before or preferably on the con-morning. Last things on my to do-list were fastenings for the capes and Luminara’s wrist bracers and shortening Barriss’ scarf.

I ruined four hearts before I succeeded!

Tomorrow morning I’ll start the packing process. I got my check list ready and post-its around. They remind me from packing the tickets also. Then I just wait Yoki to arrive and then we’re off! See you soon, Desucon!

Edit: Bhah, I forgot I had to paint one tiny area on the end of Barriss’ lightsaber hilt! Well, something for Friday morning. It would've been inappropriate just to chill out.

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