Sunday, September 11, 2011

Samara's search uploaded

Long time, no upload on our Youtube channel... Until now! Almost after a year of the completion of my Samara costume, I put on my best decayed make-up and headed out with Yoki in hunt of wells.

What if Samara lost her wells? Head here and find out!


  1. Right, so where can I send the bill of drying up my mac's keyboard since it got wet when I watched your new movie while drinking tea ? :)

    Note to self, keeping hot tea inside mouth while laughing = really hard

  2. Could we consider it as a sacrifice for cosplay goddesses? ;) I hope you enjoyed the video despite the damage!

  3. You could say that I enjoyed it, you could also say I enjoyed it a lot, and you could also speculate that I might hatch a plan in where I firstly build a machine that can suck talent and imagination from a person (and transfer it to me ...) and secondly come after you both with the machine (insert evil laughter here)