Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Pretty, pretty Samara

I made a post about Samara's costume last year and nothing has changed with that, but this time I used 3-D gel from Mehron to create the decayed effect instead of Erikeeper. I'm not sure what to think about the product really. The gel felt sticky even after I fixed it and the white cake make-up I used didn’t stick to it too well. The instructions recommended that the wished color should be mixed to the gel in liquid form, but of course I didn’t have anything for the purpose. And I had skin colored gel. Transparent one might have been better.

I think I’ll give the gel another go on Halloween with a new character... What? Did I say I'd take a break from costume making..? I don't recall doing so...

Here are some photos from our well hunting day with more typical, scary-Samara! All photos are taken by Yoki.


  1. The first picture rather destroys the illusion of a scary ghost :) (awwww cute :-p)

    Have you ever thought of making the decayed effects with latex ? a bit bothersome to do but reusable and rather easy to apply with spirit gum

  2. Actually I have! I've even thought about sending you mail about that, because I know you have experience on that field. But instead of decayed I've been pondering some more alien... Not like ALIEN (even if it would be ridiculously cool), but alien still. :)

  3. If there is anything I can do to help ... I am at your disposal dear lady ...

  4. Wow, call me crazy but this is so a cute cosplay. I love it. Great work... i think best Cosplay ever :)