Sunday, September 4, 2011

WCS preliminaries hangover and happiness

"Too hasty!"

What a weekend! Two months of hard work really paid off when we were able to take home second place in World cosplay Summit Finnish preliminaries. Congratulations and all the best to the winning couple, Rimppu and Majo! It was great to compete with you and all the other competitors. The backstage was a nice change to get to a chatting distance from people who I’ve only seen on the internet and admired their drive for cosplay. And huge thanks to the judges! The feedback almost got me in tears (you wouldn’t know about Yoki, would you?) and the critics both from the costumes and the performance was truly valuable.

Not only the past few months but the last year has been a crazy costume journey. I started the year by finishing the Snowtroopers with Yoki, and then we were bound by fabric printing for Luminara and Barriss. I finished the costumes a day before Desucon just to start a new project with Femme Megatron and Starscream for Kawacon. The date for WCS Finnish preliminaries were announced after Desucon, so naturally when were done with the lady bots it was time to start the competition costumes, which were Isabella “Ivy” Valentine and Yoshimitsu from Soul Calibur III. Somewhere between I also took few commissions. Needless to say, the atmosphere right now is pretty exhausted.

I try to spend the rest of the year without any costume project… if I can. I’ve sworn few times that I will not work with costumes for some time, but found myself two weeks after the promise crafting something new. Maybe this time I won’t get the urge, because we’ve got some updating to do here on our blog. There is pile of posts waiting to be written from making of the costumes to the whole competition experience. The drive back home from Tracon VI I tried to figure out what would be the most convenient way to sort the different phases and pieces of the costumes. Would it be better to divide the project according to items or techniques?

Now I’m going to go and eat loads of chocolate. We declined treats before Tracon to keep in shape, so now I have some catching up to do! Later today I might gather together the photos our supporter aka mom took from us. Until then, chocolate!


  1. Haha, I knew it was you the moment you stepped on stage! And congratulations for the second place! Too bad I didn't see your costumes up close, but from what I can see from the photos, they look darn epic. Your performance was enjoyable, too, even though it seems like fighting was a theme this year. :'D

    I really wish to see you two in future WCS preliminaries too. *u*

  2. Thank you so much! I can't believe how you knew it was us... Either you have great intuition or then the Eye of Sauron has been stalking us. xD

  3. *grumblegrumble* ... enkä ole yhtään katkera etten päässyt seuraamaan Teitä livenä ... ai en vai ... ><

  4. I loved your costumes! congratulations again!

  5. Thank you Rullarinkeli and congratulations to you for the third place! Best wishes to your partner too. We didn't see even a glimpse from your performance, only heard the audiences reactions to the backstage so I'm looking forward to seeing it online!

    Bendrago, I was sorry to read that you couldn't come to Tracon. Hope you get well soon!