Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Do not- From common to more topical

Do not think you can get away from reading instructions from body paints, spray paints, glues or pretty much anything. The time you read them doesn’t compare to the time you need to use to correct your mistakes after messing up.

Do not leave the make-up testing for the morning of the convention. Especially is you haven’t read the instructions.

Do not assume that you have the right sides of the fabrics facing each other before you start sewing them together. Check it and presumably double check it.

Do not wear one size too small shoes for a convention a) if you haven’t broke them in b) known to have great amount of will power to bear pain.

Do not assume that you have settings right on your camera before you start filming or taking pictures. Always check before long takes that you are actually filming. If lacking before, you might find questionable material when you are starting the editing process. You might also suffer from mental breakdown when you realize that all real material is nowhere. Be prepared for the previous or double-double check your settings.

Do not buy fabrics without references just because you think you have an excellent memory for prints, textures and colors.

Do not sew when you are upset or angry.

Do not do anything related to cosplay when you are upset or angry.

Do not start sewing a long seam or hem before you have made sure you have enough lower thread. Universal truth is that it will run out and you don’t realize it.

Do not spray paint foam of any type without a test out. Particularly if you have worked hours to get the foam perfectly cut and sanded.

Do not assume that your great innovation works without some tweaking.

Do not think that the time you have reserved for the preparations of putting on a costume is enough. Add at least an hour to it.

Do not start watching or reading interesting series before you have finished the costumes you are currently working on. New acquaintances don’t feel sorry for mesmerizing you.

Do not buy before hand anything for future projects just because you found perfect materials and pretend that you can just stick them in your closet and avoid the urge to start working with them.

Do not presume that you can just draw some patterns ready for the project mentioned.

Do not imagine that you could actually avoid working on the components for your future costumes, which sit in front of you ready and prepared.

Do not underestimate the power of the inspiring time of the year, boredom or the sudden burst of creativity. Mind of a cosplayer doesn't always settle for planning and imaging.

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