Friday, August 20, 2010

Really, I'm just being precautious

So...I think I need to open my Do not-post a bit from the "topical" part. Few weeks ago we kind of chose pair of characters to be done after Snowtroopers and before fabric sparing costumes. And I kind of had seen earlier some perfect materials on our local fabric stores. I obviously purchased them. Have I mentioned that I love autumn? It always inspires me and I feel more energetic and creative than in any other time of the year. So what could be better way to spend chilly evenings than to draw patterns, dye fabrics or sew?

I have stated many times to Yoki that we first finish the Snowtroopers and concentrate the Jedi duo after them, but now I find myself breaking that promise. Actually I think that I have nagged about the previous trying to imbed the thought in my own head, because I know my nature.

Uh, I almost feel bad, but then I glimpse at what I have done and feel a bit proud. Luminara is looking good already at this state of progress. And I’m also being precautious! The current items I have been working on are not complex, but time consuming. When they are ready I can’t take my time with the leather details, which need great amount of attention and planning. I also promised to help Yoki with her outfit. So doesn’t it sound pretty reasonable that I share the workload?

This is how five and a half meter of cotton and sixteen meters of cotton lace look like. The top is on its way, it required little over a meter of tricot. And there will be a hoop skirt also, I haven acquired it yet.

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