Monday, August 23, 2010

Serialization of Akatsuki interviews continues

The second part of Akatsuki interviews has been uploaded to our Youtube account!

The filming took little longer compared to the first part. This time we had some action going on, which took numerous takes, some fooling and few snaps. We had some problems with outsiders, dogs and people in this case. We had to wait few times them to stop blabbing and barking under our window. We even made an little song about them in the brink of a moment. It went something like “It’s almost impossible to film when there are people talking loudly”-etc. We also had some problems with lighting also known as the sun. Because it was a cloudy day, not continuous shine all the time, the shots look rather dark. Some takes were not usable, so there are some small errors with few lines.

We filmed some extra material labeled “Sasori and Deidara moments” to be put out during this year in small portions. This for the celebration of our Sasori and Deidara cosplays, which we have worn out four years and for our blog, which we have wrote soon for a year.

Oh yeah, we didn't suffer any casualties, even if at one point we were coming down the stairs pretty fast.

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