Thursday, September 9, 2010

Little update before giant photoshoot post

I’ve had flu for two and a half weeks now. And my back is killing me. The previous causes the inability to do anything with the Snowtrooper costumes, because it would require bad ergonomics and a respirator. I already have trouble with breathing and coughing with respirator on doesn’t sound too appealing.

Mostly I have been stalking the weather forecast for the weekend. We have planned a photoshoot for Saturday for Joxter and Muddler. Keeping an eye on that, I re-styled Joxter’s wig in hopes of good close ups. Tomorrow, when Yoki’s been picked up from the train station, we will check the costumes and see do we need to build any props. There is “denial signs” on the list at the moment. Apparently the ones we used on Snufkin shoot got burned, which somehow feels rather right.

I have made small progress with Luminara’s outfit. And I truly mean small. I have braided nearly two meters of pleather strips, which I first cut to width of 0,3 centimeters. They will be the detail on the shirt. I first thought they were velvet ribbon or something of that type, but after some investigations with reference pictures it came clear that it was leather of some sort and braided one as well. I had pleather at home which really saved some money. If I hadn’t found the fabric I might have ended up buying nearly six meter of pleather ribbon. Sheesh…

I have also worked on Luminara’s brooch. It’s coming together nicely, but at this point I’m thinking of doing the five small pendants again. I’m not satisfied how different they look compared to the brooch part. The shapes on the wire are too symmetrical. Gladly there is no hurry, so I can put off the brooch for a while and take it out when I want to ruin my nails with the wire work. I also could buy pliers… I think about that too.

The brooch is made from nightmarish molding material, poster board as the base. The decoration is twisted wire.

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