Friday, September 17, 2010

Option for real leather work

I’ve been searching information about leather works for quite some time now. I’ve found some results in English and in Finnish, but the over all picture of how to actually do it is still little blurry. And somehow I don’t feel comfortable with the whole thing. I mean, that I’m not sure if I’m ready to learn it or invest in it. And the leather should be bought “new” if I’m not wrong and I really try to avoid using leather if it’s not recycled. But then again our next costumes include leather details and accessories. So I went and tried something.

This is the result of mixing book making methods with fake leather. In all the materials are cardboard, glue and pleather. I’m pleased with the first attempt. It doesn’t look horrible at all and with little upgrading the result should be fine.

The first piece is made from leftover pleather. I’ve purchased more suitable fabric for next try out, but before I move on to that I think I’ll try painting the first piece. I’ve hear that acrylics could work. If anyone has any information or knowledge about this I’d be grateful if you shared.

Back to the test lab then.

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