Friday, September 24, 2010

Spontaneous and cheap Halloween make-up trial

Wow, it's been over a year of existence for our blog. Somehow it hit me when I thought back to my Bubblehead costume and posts I made last Halloween. Yoki was as puzzled as me about the matter, but she doubted that it was only a year. Well, maybe Yoki’s conception of time is different from mine, but all the less, one year… So dear readers, I dare you to comment, because a) I want you to, because we get way too few comments and b) you could tell how we could improve our blog on its second year. Is there any layout problems I haven't thought of? Or content ones? I know thanks to all mighty Analytics, that we have Finnish readers. Would you like to read the posts in Finnish?

Now back to the topic which is Halloween. I think I might be bit early with this one. Last year I started the costume a week before and didn’t have any problems with time. But I had a day off. What an excellent reason to mess yourself with bodypaint and toilet paper!

My head looks weird.

As you can see my theme for Halloween is again undeadness. I haven’t done zombie make-up before, so I went and tried it. What you need for this type of a result is glue, which is not harmful for your skin, like school glues and ones you could think children can safely play with. When you have applied glue on your skin you cover it with sheet of toilet paper, from which you have ripped off the straight edges. Crease the toilet paper a bit, apply more glue and stick it on your face well. More texture you get out of it the better. Then you let it dry, about 15-25 minutes, depending how much glue you have used.

After the glue has dried you can apply desired make-up. I used white and black water soluble bodypaints from Grimas and fake blood from the same company. Before I started with the gluing, I prepared my skin with heavy moisturiser, that being Bepanthen. I thought it would protect my sensitive skin. Well, good thinking, but it also made it impossible to put on any make-up on the particular areas, because it would not attach. So, which ever suits you better, both have downsides. But glue will still stick, that I promise.

The add-on is easy to take off with the help of water. Suitable glues for thi project are water soluble. Or you can rip it off without any assistance. It will sting, especially around the hair line. Use moisturiser afterwards and don’t be shy with it.

As a conclusion, with little tweaking I think I’ll have nice, undead look for Halloween. And cheap one too.


  1. Um, hi. One reader reporting in. :D

    I've actually been meaning to comment many times earlier, but somehow I'm too busy and think I'll comment later (and then I forget and never do it) or I just don't quite know what to say. :c I promise I'll try to be more active from now on, since I like your blog.

    I'm really bad at giving constructive criticism, so I just list some things I like about your blog. For one, the fact you update so frequently. You set a good example for us other bloggers, that the entries don't necessarily need to be super long and detailed ramblings. I think the layout is neat, too. The colours don't burn my eyes, the text is not too small to read and the header picture looks cool. I also like the things you write, but I don't think that's a big surprise since I'm a cosplayers myself... 'D

    Anyway, keep up the good job! Personally I don't care much whether you write in English or in Finnish, as long as you keep writing.

  2. Kommentoin. Ainoa parannusehdotus jonka osaan antaa on!:n ( liittyminen. Päivityksiä olisi paljon helpompi seurata ja kommenttienkin määrä saattaisi lisääntyä jos niitä kerta kaipaatte.

    Ja jepp, vaikka kommentoinkin suomeksi, niin tykkään tästä blogista juurikin enkun kielisenä.:'D

  3. Hello Wepi and Jatt-An and big thanks for your comments! You really surprised me! It was a joy to read what you think of our blog and all the positive feedback will surely keep us going.

    We have thought about listing our blog at, but somehow I’ve pushed the decision forward for some unknown reason. Well, that will probably be the next step for us then.

    I enjoy writing in English. I think I express my thought more clearly when I need to concentrate on the language, even if it’s not always spot on. If I wrote in Finnish it could sometimes get little confusing to read and the posts would get longer, because it would be too easy to start blabbing on the matter. Apparently I can keep writing in English, because at least you seem to understand! ^^

    Hope to hear from you again!