Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Pattern pondering trough webcam and Yoki’s revelation

Yesterday evening we ended up talking about Luminara’s and Barriss’ capes via Skype. We haven’t yet found right fabrics for either one of them, mostly because we would like to buy close to right amount. The fabrics we have thought to use are not from the cheapest end. That is why we need to make the patterns and estimate the consumption of the materials. Barriss’ cape is rather easy task to figure out, but Luminara’s has taken more brain work.

We were going trough some references on our own when I started to think aloud how the sleeves on the cape are accomplished. Yoki was silent for a while and then she said, “I think it’s-“

“Shut up, you are confusing me!” was my friendly answer and I went on with my guesses how the cape was constructed.

In English from up: "There's the corner which has been lifted up. It forms such a nice small pocket."

After some minutes Yoki sent me a picture, stating, “See, this is what I meant.” I stared at Yoki’s draft and didn’t understand a thing. I got another picture and still no light bulb over my head. “I’ll show you”, Yoki turn on her webcam, grabbed her towel and started draping it on her. I was like, “Yeaaaaah! Now I get it… Actually, you are right about that!”

“Really..? Am I? Yeaaaah! I’m right about it!” was Yoki’s happy counter reaction.


I gave Yoki few well earned compliments and said I’d try the idea out with bigger piece of fabric to come up with the whole pattern. But it should be easy; the sleeve construction was the part which bugged me.

I underestimated Yoki, because usually I’m the one doing patterns and layouts. But in this you see the great thing about cosplay, the development. You can get better at things not realizing it yourself. You only need some airhead, stuck on her ways to show to.

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